Noes Intermediacion S.L. is a family business with a large tradition in the stone industry. We have evolved with the sector and years ago, we do set the objective to bring any stone wherever it is, to the client, wherever he is.

We want to approach our clients the most variety of stones, marbles, granites, onyxs, travertine marbles from different markets.

India, Brasil, Spain or Italy are the producers of the most covetous materials on the planet and our target is to put together materials and clients, since we are in a globalized world very well served.

We have an export department which is available to our customers in order to do the purchases from fareway places, fast and dynamic.

We invite you to know our products and we hope to see you very soon.

The stone

The distracted man stumbled on it

The violent man used it as a projectile

The entrepreneur built with it

The tired farmer used it as a seat

It has been a toy for children

It was poetized by Drummond

David killed Goliath and

Michaelangelo, sculpted in it the most beautiful sculpture 

In all cases, the difference was not in the man, but in the stone  

There is not rock in your path that you can not use for your own growth.

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